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Welcome to Huggs and Kisses

Solutions for Your Sick Child

Time Out! My Child Is Sick! Unfortunately, time outs aren't allowed in the business world. The business day keeps going...even when your child is sick. Ordinary daycares can't help you because they are set up only for healthy children. We Are Here to Help!

  • Common Illness
  • Special Needs
  • Chronic Illness
  • Post Surgery

Discover Our Daycare

Knowing that your children are being taken care while you're at work is important, but it's even more important when you've got a little one that is not feeling so well. Huggs and Kisses Sick Child Care is a daycare service in the heart of downtown Birmingham specifically designed for children ages six weeks to 15 years of age that provides a vital solution for parents facing the dilemma of a sick or special needs child. Parents no longer have to make a choice between work and nursing their most precious gift back to health.

Getting Pre-Registered

Updated Immunization Form

Due to Covid-19, admittance procedures have been temporarily changed. Please call for more information. All children must have an updated immunization form before they can be admitted to the center for sick childcare. We do not admit children who do not have an updated form or have an immunization exemption.

Call For Reservations and Pricing

Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration forms need to be completed and reviewed by our staff. These forms can be emailed to you for your convenience. Each child must be pre-screened physically before they can be accepted for care. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. If a sick child need arises and you need to contact us after hours, or on the weekends for Monday morning sick care, please call and leave us a message, we will return your call on the next business day morning.

Nutritional Information

We do not prepare meals because of the dietary difference associated with each child and their illness. We ask that parents bring already prepared food for the entire day. (breakfast, lunch, snack, juice, formula, etc.)

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Care Options at Huggs & Kisses

3 Days Pass
  • Covers Up to 3 Days of Childcare
  • Consecutive or Non Consecutive Days of Childcare That Never Expire
  • Spans Across Multiple Years
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Daily Pass
  • 1 Day of Sick Childcare
  • Covers Weekdays Only
  • Prices May Vary - Please Call
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Weekly Pass
  • Best Option for Long-Term Care
  • Pay Week-to-Week
  • Prices May Vary - Please Call
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    Email Us:

    Call Us: (205) 324-8447

    Visit Us: Downtown Birmingham business district at 1716 5th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203